AL ID Range Manager (ALRM) for Business Central is available on Microsoft App Source!

I am super happy to announce that my solution for AL Language Developers for Business Central has just been certified by Microsoft and is available on Microsoft App Source for everyone for free!

If you have an account in the Business Central online, you can install the extension directly from Microsoft App Source. The other part of the extension (extension for VS Code) is also available on Microsoft VS Code Marketplace.

What is ALRM?

What is ALRM: AL ID Range Manager

How to setup & use ALRM: AL ID Range Manager

Source Codes

ALRM extension for VS Code and also for Business Central are open-source projects available under MIT license. You can find source codes on my GitHub.

Few words about the Microsoft App Source & ALRM

I have a big thank you to my partner’s company, ARTEX Informacni systemy spol. s r.o., Microsoft GOLD Partner for Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions under whose partner’s account the extension is published on App Source. I successfully cooperate with this company for more than 6 years on many amazing projects in different industries and different countries. If you are looking for a strong and modern partner for your project, let me know and I will connect you with the best of best.

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