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AL Language: Properties #01

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RunPageView property defines which records should be shown. It's possible to filter by source table field as well as by constant value.

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DecimalPlaces = 2:5 means at least 2 and recommended 5 decimal places.

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If Tooltip is defined at table level, the same tooltip is shared across all derivated pages.

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One table could have only one LookupPage specified by LookupPageId but could have more CardPageIds specified in different pages.

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DrillDownPageId, LookupPageId and CardPageId are all mandatory properties. If any of these properties are missing, the app can not be compiled.

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RunPageLink property defines which records should be shown. The property allows to filter record only by constant values and the source table fields can not be used as filtering parameters.

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InitValue specifies initial value for newly created records.

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RunPageView set all filters within FilterGroup = -1

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Caption property should be used for all table fields, pages and also almost all objects to define user-friendly name of the element.

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MinValue is inclusive and MaxValue is exclusive (MinValue = 0 means you can store 0, but MaxValue = 100 means you can not store 100).

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