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Interfaces in AL (part 3)

This is 3. part from the article series about Interfaces in AL Language. See the first one or the second one. In previous parts, I have described the basics of Interfaces in AL Language (what is an interface, how to work with them in AL and started working on advanced...

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Interfaces in AL (part 2)

This is 2. part from the article series about Interfaces in AL Language. See the first one. In the first part of this series, I have described what Interfaces are and showed the example of how they can be created. In this article, I will show a more advanced example...

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Interfaces in AL (part 1)

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 2020 Wave 1 (respectively with Runtime 5.0) a new object type has been introduced - Interfaces. This term is well known from other programming languages and probably a lot of readers have already used them in some way. The...

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Enum Data Type

Enum is a new data type in the Business Central introduced with the very first version of Business Central. Since then many changes have been done to them and currently, they are usable instead of Option data type without any hesitation. In compare to Option, Enums...

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How to customize Base-Application

Even if customizing of the core apps is not recommended, sometimes it is still necessary (as I already described in the previous article). So let's look at how to do it. Requirements There are no special requirements to change the Base App. The only thing that needs...

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BLOB storage changes in Business Central 15.0

With upcoming new major version of Business Central (2019 wave 2 /15.0), there is a lot of breaking changes that we have to work with. One of the first any developer probably find out is warning about using of TempBlob record variable. This record is usually used as a...

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Customize Base-Application

Although it is really not the way how we should develop new functionality, it is sometimes still necessary to customize standard code in Base Application. I do not usually allow developers working on my projects to customize the standard apps if it is not absolutely...

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C/AL + AL: SetAutoCalcFields

SetAutoCalcFields is very similar method to CalcFields method. The only difference is that CalcField is run on the records already loaded from the database. On the other hand, SetAutoCalcFields is set before the records are loaded from the database. Although it can be...

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C/AL + AL: CalcFields

CalcFields is a method to calculate the FlowFields in a record. Flowfields are special fields (virtual) that are not stored physically in the database/table. Standard fields are loaded once the record is retrieved from the database. However, as the flowfields are...

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