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Next conf session: DynamicsCon 2021

The next Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central conference has just been planned, and I already sent a submission for my session!

Link to the submission: AL Language: Coding for performance v2 and yes, I am no longer part of a rookie speakers track 😉 )

The conference takes place from 20th to 23rd of September 2021! You can register for the event directly on https://dynamicscon.com/. The voting for the sessions will be during July, and I hope that you will support my session with your vote.

DynamicsCon Sept. 2021 is a FREE, 4 half-day virtual learning experience for 11,000+ Microsoft Business Application users and professionals. DynamicsCon is one of the most popular and known tech conferences for all Dynamics products (Business Central (BC), Customer Engagement (CRM), Financial & Operation (F&O), Dynamics GP and Power Platform).

And what the session will be about?

Topic: AL Language: Coding for performance v2
Why this is a v2 session? I have changed the session’s content to be more focused on Partial Records and their statistics (compare to my last conf. session available on my blog Kepty.cz). In the beginning, I will summarise some essential tips & tricks about the performance patterns (what you should/should not do), but in more than 2/3 session time, I will show you details about:

  1. What the partial records are & how to use them
  2. How the partial records are translated to SQL, with detailed statistics on new examples
  3. Changes in BC18 related to Partial Records
  4. Examples

Business Central Bootcamp is the past

Last Saturday, I had a session at another great tech conference (unfortunately, due to Covid still online) – Business Central Bootcamp (list of all sessioon is here).

Once the recordings are available, I will give you some tips about other sessions that were the most interesting from all tracks from both days.

Business Central Bootcamp, 16th – 17th April 2021
AL Language: Coding for Performace
Presenter: Ing. Tomas Kapitan; Kepty.cz

The recordings will be available publicly, as usual, three months after the conference (during July) directly on the Power Platform Community youtube channel.

For now, you can download my slides from the session: BCBootcamp-slides.pdf or you can check selected slides on screens below

Business Central Bootcamp – AL Language: Coding for performance session

The Business Central Bootcamp conference is almost here! Let’s check all sessions and find your favourite ones at https://events.powercommunity.com/business-central-bootcamp/. You can register for the event using this registering form for FREE!

The mine one will definitely be interesting – do you know about performance patterns in AL Language? And do you know how to use Partial Records? After this session, you will be able to use both of them properly in your own projects.

Business Central Bootcamp, 16th – 17th April 2021
AL Language: Coding for Performace
Presenter: Ing. Tomas Kapitan; Kepty.cz
10:00 – 11:00 am GMT/UTC
EDIT: New time of session: 11:00 am – 12:00 pm GMT/UTC (01:00 – 02:00 pm CET)

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 2021 wave 1 is available!

The first quarter has ended, and as always, the new major version of the Business Central is here – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 2021 wave 1 (BC2021w1).

What is new in this version? All the main changes are described directly on the Microsoft Docs. Some of the new functionality I also described during last months here on my blog (see BC2021w1 tag). The new version itself can be downloaded from Microsoft Download Center.

As usual, the launch event is planned for the second week of April (Tuesday, 13th). Mike Morton and other Microsoft subject matter experts will guide you through what’s new in this release.

You can register for the event here: aka.ms/BCLE

It’s official! AL Language: Coding for performance session on the upcoming conference

I am glad to announce that my session “AL Language: Coding for performance” has been chosen as one of the developer’s sessions at the upcoming conference “D365 Business Central Bootcamp”!

The session took place in the middle of the event, on Saturday 17th of April 10:00 – 11:00 am (GMT/UTC).

Also do not forget to check sessions from other speakers (a full list of sessions is available on https://events.powercommunity.com/business-central-bootcamp/).

DynamicsCon 2021 TODAY!

Dynamics Con 2021, another great technical conference for all Dynamics 365 apps including Business Central starts today!

You can join the event on https://dynamicscon.com/. To see the agenda of the event, check the Agenda section. There are many great speakers and technical gurus who would like to share their knowledge. Let’s enhance your experience and knowledge with information from world-class developers, consultants and system architects.

Unfortunately, Covid caused I had to cancel my planned sessions at this meeting. Nevertheless, next month, there is another great event – Business Central Bootcamp – where I should have at least one session!

What my sessions will be about? Check my previous article here.