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Kepty4Beginners: Flowfields in AL Language (Calculated Fields)

Not all fields in AL Language are stored in SQL Database. Flowfields are a great example of these fields. Flowfields are special field type that allows you to create a field that loads a value from another field within the same or even different table.

In the AL Language, flowfields are very often used, and it is one of the necessities any developer have to know. Check this video to find out how to create a flowfield and what types of flowfield are supported.

This video is a part of my series for beginners in AL Language. To see the full list of episodes, see

Kepty4Beginners: How to create a basic entity

In today’s beginner series article, we will look at how to create a basic entity such as Item, Customer, Vendor etc.

Creating basic entities is one of the core things anyone has to know. It is also necessary to know which properties must be defined (LookupPageID, CardPageID), which type of PageTypes should be used etc. After this video, you will be able to create the fundamental entities in your projects correctly and without any hesitations.

Kepty4Beginners: How to create an AL Project

The first article from my new youtube channel is here (if you want to find out why I have decided to start my own youtube channel, see here)! This is the very first video for beginners – how to create a new AL project.

In this video, we will look at how to create a new AL project in Visual Studio Code, the core setting files in every project (app.json, launch.json) and what needs to be set up able to publish an extension to your own Business Central instance.