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Public quizzes

BCQuizzes by Kepty are my new project that will be available for everyone. The quizzes are available for anyone interested in Business Central Processes & Development.

Do you have any idea how to improve the existing quizzes? Do you have new ideas about quiz topics and/or questions? Let me know at kapitan@kepty.cz


Guided tours for developers

Together with these “public” quizzes, I am also providing my services to Microsoft partners to help them build their own dev teams. This includes a 12-week onboarding guided tour for junior developers to discover all parts of AL Language development. This tour also includes unique quizzes that test students’ knowledge during the week.

The quizzes below are not publicly available. If you want more information about this program, please contact me at kapitan@kepty.cz

AL Developer guided tour

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Dynamics NAV 2013 & Expired Cronus License

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Indirect Dependencies and Access Modifiers

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AL Extensions: Replace Document Attachment

I have published a new simple, open-source extension that allows replacing existing document attachments in all master entities as well as in open documents. The source code as well as the app file that can be installed in your environment is available on my GitHub...

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